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Kittens leave our home not earlier than 3 months old,fully vaccinated ,with a full set of documents, accustomed to the WC tray and scrathing post.

The kittens not for breeding,leave our home castrated and sterilized.

More information you can get by phone:+45 31387077 or trough mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






Otomi Max + Kemetya Ula-Mary


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DK Lukas May Balou


Canadian sphynx-hankat


farve: hvid


til salg(alder 2 måneder)


img_9226.jpg img_9327.jpg img_9333.jpg



DK Lukas May Milo


Canadian sphynx-hankat




til salg(alder 2 måneder)


img_9452.jpg img_9454.jpg img_9461.jpg



DK Lukas May Charlie


Canadian sphynx-hankat


farve:blå tabbi masket




img_9344.jpg img_9384.jpg img_9428.jpg


DK Lukas May Felicija

Canadian sphynx-hunkat

farve: blå med hvid


til salg (alder 2 måneder )


img_8751.jpg img_8790.jpg img_8821.jpg