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Welcome to Lukas May cattery web-page.


On our website we promote you Canadian Sphynx Cats.

Amazing and mysterious cats that will attract your attention.

Lukas May cattery is located in Denmark and are registered in the club Jyrak (FiFe).

The purpose of our nursery, is to get a strong and physically healthy offspring as well as to match the type standard.

In our nursery we are carefully selecting the breeding pair. In the breeding of our Cat’s we use only the highest quality of cat's.

Today in our cattery we have Canadian Sphynx breeds from leading European and Russian catteries, with blood lines from Netherlands and USA.

Our nursery is closed- we do not mate cats from other owners, to ensure keeping our Cat’s healthy.

All cat’s in our nursery is regularly tested to Fip (an infectious peritonitis), FeLV (a virus leukaemia ), FIV (an immunodeficiency virus), and also Chlamydia, mikoplazmos, toxoplasmosis, as well as for heart disease HCM.


We hope that you will enjoy visiting our site.

Greetings Kristina.